Users Have Sense of ‘fakeness,’ With AI Powered Makeup Mirror

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A.I. Powered makeup mirror

Recent study shows that people get a sense of falsehood when they have a glance at the AI powered makeup mirror. Authors found out that although people felt comfortable with makeup on when looking at themselves via an ordinary mirror, the opposite is the case when staring at oneself through a digital makeup mirror.

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Consumers discovered that A.I. make up mirrors which are promoted by brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, L’Oreal and Amazon improved the imagination they had of themselves, as some imagined themselves appearing like celebrities they loved or how they could have appeared in the past. Nonetheless, when compared with live shopping experience for makeup, A.I. mirrors have succeeded in building a strong sense of self-counterfeit, and this is owing to the following factors:

  • Going for makeup at stores gives a sense of happiness, on the other hand, looking at oneself through an A.I. makeup mirror gives a sense of “horror”
  • Users get a feeling of embarrassment whenever they use A.I. makeup mirrors, and are less likely to share their digital content in their bid to gain societal acceptance
  • Makeup for customers is an emotional experience; life makeup shopping is seen as a process of personal reflection, which is hard to duplicate using an A.I. Powered mirror.
  • People see themselves via a lens by which, they think or perceive they should appear, based on collective observation of close contacts online, influencers or celebrities. An A.I. Powered mirror impedes the process whereby individuals obtain this proxy-self.
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The sense of personal-inauthenticity consumers feel initially deflates their desire to make use of the A.I. makeup mirrors. Nevertheless, consumers prefer to go into a makeup shop to obtain full and enjoyable service. Meanwhile, these devices and their software permit users to send photos of their new look to the social media, but customers fear being embarrassed by their online network. Now, instead of making use of the A.I. powered makeup mirror to put-on makeup, consumers locate an influencer into cosmetics and makeup who bears similar looks including but not limited to face shape or skin color and follow their guide and recommendations.

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