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Awesome Programming Electronics

This is where we made and still make the awesome Projects. You will love it

Arduino Programming

Arduino Projects

  Here is a list of the interesting Arduino projects.      

Raspberry pi programming

Raspbery Pi Projects

Welcome to the world of fun learning to build amazing project designs using Raspberry Pi and programming in Python language.

Digital and linear electronics

Digital Electronics Projects

Using inexpensive linear and digital components and ICs, we made wonderful smart electronics projects.

About us

We provide creative solutions and services that meet deadline, specifications and meaningful to all of our clients.

Programming electronics

final year project
tinkering and modelling project

We do the best in final year students’ projects in the field of Programmable Electronic Designs, Web and App development. We also offer these  smart electronic designs ranging from internet of things, (IoT) Home Automation to industrial based standard designs for companies, institutions and corporations.

We are experts in services like Facility Management, Installations like: Solar Inverters, CCTV and other installations and Sales, Repair and Maintenance of computer hardware parts and accessories.

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Latest News

PMS (smart fan project)
Power Management System (Smart Fan Project)

This project redesigns a standing AC fan to a smart automated version that uses a passive Infrared (PIR) sensor to detect human presence then with the help of an real time clock (RTC) sets two different time modes. Namely, the “Remote Active Mode” and the “Auto Sense Mode”. During the ” Remote Active Mode ” also known as the working hour, the user could the remote control to access the type of speed selection he/she wants. During the Auto Sensing mode the fan controls itself automatically. With the RTC sensor, the fan could tell when it is time for auto mode. And then using the PIR sensor, it could detect human motion and know when there is somebody around needing cool air ventilation. IF the fan senses motion, it would turn itself on and runs on a constant speed which is the speed two but if after some time, it couldn’t detect any motion, it would turn itself off.

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