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The Book Of Goose: An enthralling and deeply moving new novel explores the bonds of female companionship, artistic expression, and the fragility of memories. The accomplished writer behind Where Reasons End brings us this poignant narrative.

Fabienne has passed away. News of her passing reaches Agnès, her closest friend since childhood, who now resides in America, far away from the serene landscapes of rural France where their shared upbringing took place. Those landscapes were also the ones from which Fabienne helped Agnès escape a decade ago. With Fabienne gone, Agnès finally has the freedom to unveil her own story.

During their early years in a war-stricken, remote town, they constructed a world that only they could see—a world hidden from others’ eyes. However, everything changed when Fabienne conceived a life-altering plan, propelling Agnès on an extraordinary journey marked by fame, fortune, and profound sorrow.

This captivating and spellbinding narrative takes us on a mesmerizing journey from the aftermath of war in rural provinces to the vibrant streets of Paris, from an English boarding school to the tranquil haven in Pennsylvania where Agnès can attempt to live untethered from her past. Yiyun, the acclaimed author, weaves an evocative tale that delves into the intricacies of friendship, the power of art, the complexities of exploitation, and the ethereal nature of memory in her work, The Book of Goose.

About The Author

 Li Yiyun
Li Yiyun

The native form of this personal name is Li Yiyun. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals.

Yiyun Li (born November 4, 1972) is a Chinese-born writer and professor in the United States. Her short stories and novels have won several awards, including the PEN/Hemingway Award and Guardian First Book Award for A Thousand Years of Good Prayers,[1][2] and the 2020 PEN/Jean Stein Book Award for Where Reasons End.[3] She is an editor of the Brooklyn-based literary magazine A Public Space.[4]


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