Super Necromancer System 

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Super Necromancer System 

Super Necromancer System is a web novel written by Doever. It is a mix of genres, including cultivation, comedy, and romance. It is also a power fantasy novel, as the protagonist, Aldrich, rises from being a weak and powerless nobody to a powerful necromancer who commands an army of undead.

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The novel begins with Aldrich being bullied and mistreated by others. He is considered to be a worthless nobody because he does not have any superpowers. However, one day, Aldrich is granted the power of necromancy by a mysterious system.

With the power of necromancy, Aldrich is able to control the dead. He begins to build an army of undead minions, and he uses them to take revenge on those who have wronged him.

Aldrich also uses his necromantic powers to help others. He protects the innocent from those who would harm them, and he fights against evil forces.

Super Necromancer System 

As Aldrich’s power grows, so does his reputation. He becomes known as the Lord of Death, and he is feared and respected by all.

Along the way, Aldrich also makes many friends and allies. He meets a variety of interesting characters, including the beautiful and powerful Lady Death, the loyal and trustworthy skeleton general Seth Solar, and the intelligent and resourceful AI companion Valera.

Aldrich also faces many challenges and dangers. He must battle against powerful enemies, including the Dark Six, the Solar Dynasty, and the Alter Agency. He must also deal with the internal conflicts within his own undead army.

Despite all the challenges he faces, Aldrich never gives up. He continues to fight for what he believes in, and he never loses sight of his goal of becoming the most powerful necromancer in the world.


Super Necromancer System is a well-written and entertaining novel that is sure to appeal to fans of the cultivation and power fantasy genres. It is a novel with a likable and relatable protagonist, a well-developed world, and a cast of interesting characters.

The novel is also known for its humor and satire. Doever does not take the novel too seriously, and he often pokes fun at the clichés and tropes of the cultivation genre. This makes the novel a refreshing read for fans of the genre.

Overall, Super Necromancer System is a highly recommended novel for fans of cultivation, power fantasy, comedy, and romance. It is a novel that is sure to entertain and engage readers for hours on end.

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