Rebirth Of The Thief Who Roamed The World

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Conviction, the world’s largest Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online game, had become a parallel universe for humanity, intricately woven into the fabric of the real-world economy. Corporations and individuals alike sought their fortunes within its digital realms.

Within this vast virtual realm, Nie Yan took great pride in his Level 180 Thief character. Among the countless players, he ranked as one of the top experts. Yet, that was where his accomplishments ended. In the real world, he lived in destitution, a predicament inflicted upon him by his father’s adversary. Without the meager income from selling virtual items in Conviction, he would have struggled to put food on the table. Faced with such adversity, he decided to resolve matters decisively, assassinating his father’s enemy. However, his retribution cost him dearly, and he lay dying, a victim of a gunshot.

Yet, this was not the conclusion to Nie Yan’s tale. Moments later, he awoke, bewildered, finding himself reincarnated into his past self. Armed with the unique advantage of his prior experience and knowledge of future events, he embarked on a mission to reshape his life.


In this new beginning, he sought not only to prosper within Conviction but also to rewrite the course of his real-world existence. With a second chance at life, he aimed to triumph over the challenges that had plagued him before, determined to forge a brighter destiny using the wisdom gained from his digital adventures. The lines between the virtual and real world blurred as Nie Yan seized this opportunity to conquer both realms, using his newfound knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of existence and shape his own fate.

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