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the wiahing game

The Wishing Game by Meg Shaffer is a novel about the power of books and the magic of wishes. Lucy Hart is a teacher’s aide who loves reading the Clock Island series by Jack Masterson, a reclusive children’s author who stopped writing years ago. Lucy wants to adopt Christopher Lamb, an orphaned student who shares her passion for books. When Jack Masterson announces a contest to win the only copy of his new book, Lucy is one of the four lucky contestants who get to visit Clock Island and compete in a series of games and riddles. On the island, she meets Hugo Reese, the illustrator of the Clock Island books, who is grumpy but handsome. She also faces ruthless book collectors and wily opponents who will stop at nothing to get the prize. Meanwhile, Jack Masterson has a secret plan that could change everything.

The Wishing Game by Meg Shaffer is a charming and whimsical novel that celebrates the joy of reading and the power of imagination. The novel is full of references to classic children’s books and fairy tales, as well as twists and surprises. The characters are likable and relatable, especially Lucy and Christopher, who have a sweet bond. The romance between Lucy and Hugo is slow-burning and satisfying. The novel also explores themes such as family, friendship, loyalty, and courage. The novel is a perfect read for book lovers of all ages who enjoy a good adventure and a happy ending.


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About The Author

Meg Shaffer is a young and talented author who has published her debut novel The Wishing Game in 2023. The Wishing Game is a fantasy thriller about a group of teenagers who find a mysterious board game that grants their wishes, but with deadly consequences. The book has received rave reviews from readers and critics alike, and has been compared to the works of Stephen King and Neil Gaiman.

Meg Shaffer is also a film student in TV and Screenwriting at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. She is currently pursuing her MFA degree and working on her second novel. She has a passion for storytelling and creating immersive worlds that captivate her audience.

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