How To Make Money Online Selling Farm Products – 7 Easy Steps

Making money online by selling farm products is another niche that a lot of people are tapping into these days. A person doesn’t even need to be a farmer to do this. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, one can set-up an online store of farm products, connect with a wide range of online customers, and be a nice intermediary between the local farmers and the final consumers. Here are seven simple steps for making money online by selling farm products.

Step 1: Get a social media platform

make money online selling farm products on social media

The global world as it is today is a social village. Many people interact more on social media platforms. There is no better way to showcase and reach a large number of users. You can do this by getting an account in any social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram or any platform of your choice and not only that; but trying as much as possible to keep updating the account posts or page streams.

make money online by selling local products
locally grown farm products can be sold on socials

Step 2: Know Exactly What You Have to Offer

make money online by

Knowing exactly they type of farm products or produce you can offer is very important because that is what people will be looking at. Example selling produce like snails, mushrooms, varieties of vegetables like okra, tomatoes, are quite lucrative; especially when it comes to online sales. This is because these things mentioned earlier are difficult to get due to seasons of growth and harvest or a particular location which may not be available in the normal market.

local product sales

Step 3: Type of Service

make money online selling farm produce

There is the need to know what type of service you would like to render while trying to make money online by engaging in selling local farm produce. Considering your type of service line means you having to know where and how to get goods to your consumers at their convenient time and location and how fast and reliable you can be to these customers. This means your customers will rely on you anytime to get their supplies.

make money online

Some farm products may need other facilities to keep it fresh until your buys or consumers can finally get their hands on them. Things like refrigeration and storage may pose an extra cost on you so it might be good to consider these things before embarking on what to sell off farm harvest to start making money online.

Step 4: Displaying And Packaging These Farm Products

make money online through agro-products

This shows people what you have to offer in the online market. Make sure the goods are well packaged and attractive to the consumers. This is important especially for perishable goods like tomatoes and fresh pepper and so on. Because the packaging shows how long a product will last and that might be what the people out there might be looking for.

make money online through agro-products

Step 5: Other Agro-related Products to Sell and Make Money Online

Selling Agro-based Byproducts

manure for sale

When someone choose the line of making money online by selling byproducts of animals, If you make plans with farmer who practice animal husbandry that is raise animals, you can sell their byproducts. Examples manure from animals, feathers from birds can be wanted by others maybe for their use in making plastic materials.

Selling Farming Tools

Farm tools for sale

Farm tools used for farming can also come into your goods for sales. All you need to do is let people know by posting the types of farm tools you have in store uploading them on your social selling platform.

Selling Seeds and Plants

make money online

Many other farmers too go online to look for where to get seeds and seedlings for them to cultivate on their farms. This presents a good opportunity to showcase what you got. Seeds like maize, okra, and melons and so on and plants like suckers of plantain, bananas, pineapple including young of guavas and apples etc. There will be many ready to get them especially if you could hand in their fruits alongside.


Making money online by selling farm produce is something that is quite lucrative for most people; provided you have sit down and done your homework. If you follow this guide steps listed out here, and then you found your answers, found a solution you can proffer to consumers and the farms alike. Your solution will be needed and in turn, you will be rewarded. Let us know what you think about this blog post in the comment section.

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