Divorced, but Not broken PDF Novel

Divorced but Not broken PDF Novel


Divorced but Not broken. After discovering her husband’s affair with a younger co-worker, Andrea divorces him and finds herself alone for the first time. As a stay-at-home wife, she is not used to fighting for everything. She moves into a small apartment and experiences financial and emotional struggles. However, she is drawn to her neighbor Jonah, who is young, good-looking, and confident. Although Jonah initially keeps his distance, Andrea is attracted to him and struggles to resist falling for him. This story is about Andrea’s journey as she navigates a new world and meets the mysterious and brash Jonah.

Chapter 1

” No, you don’t understand. Ryan cheated on me, kayla…..his wife for eight years…..He is the one that should be playing the fees for selling the house! I can’t believe he just ditched me and went with his slutty girlfriend and left me with the taxes of the sale, bastard!” My fingers tapped fast over the phone after seeing the papers scattering over my small table. What a d**k he was, me ex-husband Ryan; he could burn inn hell and that skank of a girlfriend he found when he was still married to me………….

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