Dead Until Dark PDF Novel

Dead Until Dark PDF Novel


Dead Until Dark. Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic barmaid in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. She can hear the thoughts of everyone around her, which can be both a blessing and a curse. One night, Sookie’s life is changed forever when she meets Bill Compton, a 175-year-old vampire. Bill is different from the other vampires Sookie has met. He is kind, gentle, and respectful of her boundaries. Sookie and Bill fall in love, and she learns to accept his vampire nature.

However, their relationship is not without its challenges. Sookie’s friends and family are not happy about her relationship with a vampire. There are also other vampires who are not as kind and gentle as Bill. Sookie must learn to navigate the world of vampires and humans, and she must find a way to protect herself and the people she loves.

Dead Until Dark is the first book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series. The series follows Sookie’s life as she deals with the challenges of being a telepathic barmaid in a town full of vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. The series is full of humor, romance, and suspense.



Format: 292 pages, Mass Market Paperback
Published: May 1, 2001 by Ace Books
ISBN: 9780441008537 (ISBN10: 0441008534)
Language: English

About the Author

Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over thirty-five years. A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field. Charlaine lives in Texas now, and all of her children and grandchildren are within easy driving distance.

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The dead vampire, Drew Marshall, was a member of a powerful vampire clan, and his death has sparked a war between the vampires and the humans of Bon Temps. Sookie is caught in the middle, and she must use her telepathic abilities to stay alive and solve the mystery of Drew’s murder.

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