The rationale behind some older people’s resistance to modern technologies

A recent study found that among the reasons older people are turning away from digital devices are fear of making mistakes and broader concerns about their social responsibilities. The digital divide between older adults and younger people still exists, despite the fact that more older folks are using computers and the Internet, and many recently retired individuals have worked with computers in the past which may lead Resistance of older people from modern technologies. Online time and the number of digital applications used by older adults are much lower than those of younger adults. Researchers from Lancaster University have found that, contrary to popular belief, older persons’ reluctance to use digital technologies is not primarily based on accessibility concerns. According to research, personal beliefs about how desirable technology is, broader concerns about its effects on society, and worries about making mistakes when using software are all important barriers to older persons embracing technology.

Some elderly individuals are discouraged from using online resources because they perceive them as being laborious and time-consuming. They believe that the move toward online services, such as comparison websites, puts more of the onus on individuals to become experts in a variety of fields, whereas in the past, individuals could seek out qualified professionals to help them with decision-making. The older persons interviewed expressed a resounding lack of confidence in their own ability to utilize online technologies appropriately, particularly when it came to online banking, and security worries were prevalent.

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