The Abandoned Hunter

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“In the shadows, a whispered chant echoed through the dimly lit chamber: ‘Dark Overlord! All hail the Dark Overlord!!!’. The Abandoned Hunter. A heavy silence followed, broken only by a soft, contemplative sigh. The speaker, a figure cloaked in darkness, had long been an outcast in a world of hunters. An F-rank hunter, bullied and despised, he had known nothing but loneliness and ridicule. But fate had a peculiar way of weaving its tapestry.

‘I tried to deny it,’ he muttered, ‘but looks like I have really become their king… THE DARK OVERLORD!’. This is the tale of a world teeming with hunters, a world where power reigned supreme. In the unforgiving hierarchy of hunters, our protagonist stood at the lowest rung, an F-rank hunter scorned by many. Weak and disregarded, he endured the pain of isolation, a solitary existence that seemed unending. Yet, beneath the surface of his despair, a glimmer of hope emerged. Fortune favored him when he stumbled upon a unique power—one bestowed upon him by a dragon, who chose him as its proxy. This newfound power granted him abilities beyond imagination, a potential that lay dormant within him, waiting to be unleashed.

But that was not all. The supernatural had more in store for him. A mysterious force, an enigmatic system, had taken root within him, offering guidance and enhancements that would propel him beyond his F-rank status. It was a gift that would change the course of his life forever. And so, dear readers, I invite you to embark on this extraordinary adventure. Join me as we follow the journey of a once-marginalized hunter who defies all odds to become an overpowered force to be reckoned with.


[NOTE: To those who may draw parallels with ‘Solo Leveling,’ let it be known that while inspiration may have been drawn from it, this narrative stands on its own merits and unique storytelling. Read on before making assumptions! Additionally, I hold the copyright to the cover art. Please refrain from reproducing or sharing it without permission, as doing so would constitute a breach of copyright law.]. [I apologize for the unconventional dialect used in chapters 1-40; they are admittedly subpar, with word counts ranging from 500 to 800.]. [Starting from chapter 61, you’ll find chapters with word counts exceeding 1000 words. Interestingly, from chapter 65 onwards, the word count ranges between 1500 and 2000 words.]. [While the tone and errors in my writing may differ, please bear in mind that English is not my native language. However, rest assured that these errors will not persist beyond chapter 175.]

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