I Am The Landlord In Another World 

Tang Wen’s Extraordinary Journey Through Time and Power. Imagine waking up one day in a completely different era, with an entirely new identity. I Am The Landlord In Another World. That’s precisely what happened to Tang Wen when he found himself transmigrated to the Da Chu dynasty, becoming a deadbeat noble and the lord of an abandoned island. However, Tang Wen’s story is far from ordinary, as he possessed a remarkable advantage – the Landlord System.

With this system at his disposal, Tang Wen hatched a plan to make the most of his unique circumstances. After returning to the modern era and amassing his first fortune, he decided to return to the dynasty to multiply his wealth. Little did he know that this journey would transform him from a destitute noble to a formidable force in the Da Chu dynasty.

Tang Wen’s first order of business was infrastructure development. He began building waterways, a crucial step in boosting agricultural productivity. His vision extended beyond the basics; he aimed to cultivate herbs and create a thriving ecosystem on his once-deserted island. But Tang Wen’s ambitions didn’t stop there.

“I have to build roads as well,” he declared. “I can keep coming back and forth between two different times to make money, but I need more people to work for me.” His plan was to leverage both his knowledge of modern technology and the Landlord System to create an empire that transcended eras.

Tang Wen’s charisma and the allure of his promises worked wonders. He extended an invitation to countless individuals, offering them not just work but an opportunity for a better life. “Come and work for me. I can provide food and shelter. I even have pills for you to get stronger, and I can even help you find the love of your life. Become my slave,” he confidently proclaimed.

It was an offer too good to refuse for many. Soon, millions of people were working tirelessly under Tang Wen’s guidance, transforming the once-desolate island into a thriving hub of productivity. They marveled at the modern marvels he brought with him and the improvements to their lives.

News of Tang Wen’s unprecedented rise in power and influence began to spread like wildfire throughout the Da Chu dynasty. “Sir, don’t you know? Almost 80% of Linghai County now belongs to Tang Wen,” whispered the townsfolk. Even the local lords couldn’t ignore the seismic shift in the balance of power.

“My liege! Tang Wen has taken almost all of our land,” one nobleman lamented. As Tang Wen’s empire continued to expand, he simply smiled and said, “I don’t know how big my land is. All I know is that I have a new title, the Landlord.”


Tang Wen’s story serves as a testament to human ingenuity and adaptability. With determination, a strategic mindset, and a dash of modern technology, he carved out an empire in a bygone era. His journey from a powerless transmigrant to the mighty Landlord of the Da Chu dynasty is a remarkable tale of seizing opportunities and transforming adversity into triumph. As the Landlord, Tang Wen’s legacy would be etched into the annals of history, a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

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