I Have A Martial Arts Panel

In a realm dominated by fearsome creatures and plagued by the conflicts of numerous factions, territorial disputes are a common occurrence. These tumultuous times have given rise to the prominence and flourishing of martial arts as a means of survival and self-improvement.

Amidst this backdrop, our protagonist, Xu Ning, finds himself mysteriously transported to this perilous world. It is a tool that allows him to make choices that will shape his destiny. With each decision, he navigates the treacherous path of martial arts mastery, inching closer to his ultimate goal.

One fateful day, as Xu Ning meditates in the serene backdrop of his village, he encounters a pivotal moment. The Martial Arts Panel presents him with a critical choice: “Spend three energy points to level up the Gale Knife Technique? Yes or no?”

The Gale Knife Technique is a formidable martial art skill that could potentially elevate Xu Ning’s combat prowess to new heights. However, it comes at a cost – three precious energy points. These energy points represent his inner reserves, and once spent, they take time to regenerate.

Xu Ning’s heart races as he contemplates this decision. The Gale Knife Technique could be the key to unlocking his potential, but it would also demand a significant sacrifice. With unwavering determination and a burning desire to achieve greatness, Xu Ning clenches his fists and utters a resounding, “Yes! Hell yes!”

As he confirms his choice, a surge of energy courses through his veins. He can feel the power of the Gale Knife Technique infusing his every fiber. The world around him seems to blur as he undergoes a transformation, transcending his previous limitations.

In the days that follow, Xu Ning trains relentlessly, honing his newfound skills with the Gale Knife Technique. His village peers watch in awe as his movements become swifter, more precise, and infused with an otherworldly grace. Xu Ning’s dedication to his craft knows no bounds, and he steadily climbs the ladder of martial arts proficiency.

Word of his remarkable progress spreads throughout the region, drawing the attention of martial arts schools and experienced warriors. With each passing day, Xu Ning’s journey becomes a legend in the making. His choice to invest those three energy points in the Gale Knife Technique was not just a decision; it was a declaration of his commitment to the path of martial arts excellence.


In a world teeming with challenges and uncertainties, Xu Ning stands as a beacon of determination, a testament to the transformative power of unwavering resolve. As he continues his journey, he knows that more choices and trials await, each one a stepping stone toward becoming the master of martial arts he aspires to be.

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