Rocket Engine Powered by Plastic Waste

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Rocket Engine Powered by Plastic Wastes

Recently at Pulsar Fusion, a team of engineers has conducted a ground test of its plastic-waste-powered rocket engine which was heald at the UK’s Ministry of Defence military base in Salisbury. There was a YouTube video released by the team about the progress of the test. The company, Pulsar Fusion, is a U.K.-based company established to focus on the use of nuclear fusion as a power source, both for producing electricity and pushing rockets through space. The company had set out some goals of developing and deploying a nuclear fusion rocket engine by the year 2025. A world record that could send a rocket to Mars in half the time of the rockets that uses current technology. However, recently, the company has set her eyes on developing a rocket engine powered by plastic waste.

rocket engine powered by plastic wastes

When interviewed by the press, Pulsar officials called their project a “green” rocket. Since it used a hybrid fuel made by mixing polyethylene with a nitrous oxide oxidizer. When this chemical product is fed into the combustion chamber, it is held under pressure until it is fired. This type of plastic was abundant and inexpensive, making it ideal to be used as rocket fuel. During the test, the rocket engine produced more than just thrust; it also created shock diamonds, which are commonly produced with other types of high-temperature rocket firings.


The idea of using plastic chemical composition as rocket fuel, as adopted by Pulsar, is an ingenious one that would go a long way toward revolutionizing the space industry. We hope the company keeps pushing the limits like this and comes up with other amazing developments. Indeed, designing and manufacturing rocket engine powered by plastic waste is an encouraging step forward in the pursuit of scientific discoveries.

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