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Spare by Prince Harry; It stands as one of the most vivid images from the twentieth century: two young boys, both princes, walking in solemn procession behind their mother’s casket, observed by a saddened and horrified world. As the world bid farewell to Princess Diana, the thoughts and emotions of Prince William and Prince Harry, the two heirs, were a topic of contemplation for billions. The direction their lives would take from that juncture was uncertain.

In this tale, Harry’s narrative unfolds.

Before the loss of his mother, twelve-year-old Prince Harry known for his carefree demeanor, the lighthearted companion to his more serious older brother, the Heir. Grief reshaped his world entirely. He encountered difficulties at school, grappled with anger, battled loneliness—and due to his conviction that the media was responsible for his mother’s passing, he wrestled with adapting to life in the public eye.

At the age of twenty-one, he enlisted in the British Army. The regimen provided him with structure, and two tours in combat transformed him into a homefront hero. Yet, paradoxically, he felt more adrift than ever, contending with post-traumatic stress and incapacitating panic episodes. Above all, love seemed elusive.

Then he crossed paths with Meghan. The world captivated by their cinematic love story and celebrated their fairy-tale wedding. However, from the outset, Harry and Meghan were targets of the media, enduring torrents of abuse, bigotry, and falsehoods. Witnessing his wife’s suffering, their safety and mental well-being at stake, Harry perceived no alternative to averting the cycle of history but to depart from his homeland. Throughout the ages, leaving the Royal Family was a venture few had ventured. Indeed, the most recent to undertake it had been his own mother…

For the very first time, Prince Harry narrates his own tale, recounting his odyssey with a candid, unwavering sincerity. A monumental work, “Spare” brims with introspection, disclosure, self-exploration, and hard-earned sagacity regarding the timeless supremacy of love prevailing over grief.


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About The Author

prince harry
prince harry

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex,[fn 2] KCVO (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984)[2] is a member of the British royal family. He is the younger son of King Charles III and Diana, Princess of Wales. He is fifth in the line of succession to the British throne.

Harry was educated at Wetherby SchoolLudgrove School, and Eton College. He spent parts of his gap year in Australia and Lesotho, then underwent officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He was commissioned as a cornet into the Blues and Royals, serving temporarily with his brother William and completed training as a troop leader. In 2007–2008, he served for over ten weeks in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He returned to Afghanistan for a 20-week deployment in 2012–2013 with the Army Air Corps. In June 2015, he resigned from the army.

Harry launched the Invictus Games in 2014 and remains the patron of its foundation. He gives patronage to several other organisations, including the HALO Trust and Walking With The Wounded.[3] To encourage people to open up about their mental health issues, Harry, alongside his brother and his sister-in-law Catherine, initiated the mental health awareness campaign “Heads Together” in April 2016.[4]

In 2018, Harry made Duke of Sussex prior to his wedding to American actress Meghan Markle. They have two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. In January 2020, the couple stepped down as working royals and moved to the Duchess’s native Southern California. In October 2020, they launched Archewell Inc., an American public organisation that focuses on non-profit activities and creative media ventures. Together with his wife, Harry down for a much-publicised interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, in which he said he was estranged from the royal family. With Winfrey he produced the mental health documentary series The Me You Can’t See. He and his wife filmed the documentary series Harry & Meghan, released in December 2022. Harry’s memoir Spare was published by Penguin Random House in 2023.

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