Mushroom Skin Can Be A Base for Computer Chips – Scientists Say

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mushroom base computer chips

Johannes Kepler University researchers discovered that the skin of a certain type of mushroom can be used as a biodegradable base for computer chips. They made this discovery and had it published in the journal Science Advances. When asked how? The group went ahead to describe how well it worked and most importantly, the disposability of the mushroom based chip when it is no longer useful.

The Austria research team had focused their research efforts on finding a biodegradeable susbtrate of a chip. They were successful in finding a viable alternative which was Ganoderma lucidum, a type of mushroom that grows on dead hardwood trees. They noted that it grows a skin to cover its mycelium—its root-like part. Prior research has shown the skin protects the mushroom from other fungi and bacteria.

Proceeding to make this mushroom base computer chips; the team removed some some of the mushroom skin from several samples, the researchers found that it was flexible, provided good insulation and was able to withstand high temperatures. They also discovered that when the mushroom based computer chip substrate was shielded from light and moisture, the skin would last a long time. Whereas, if exposed to conditions that made it absorbed light and moisture, it will quickly decompose. These properties were ideal for a very good chip substrate, a mushroom based computer chip.

Using a physical vapour deposition technique, the research team was able to deposit metal electronic circuitry onto the skin samples, which was followed up with an ablated laser. When the resulting mushroom base computer chips were subjected to tests, the outstanding skin worked nearly as well as the traditional plastic substrates and could withstand being bent repeatedly—they found no breakage after 2,000 bends. This result proved useful in making battery components. And much work is still need to ensure the skin meets up with industrial based standards as well as finding a a cleaning process of removing the skin from the chips for disposal.


The mushroom base computer chips could be a game changer in the world of electronics like we know it today. let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think is important and may be useful?

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