Lycan School: The Hekate’s Bride

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“That’s enough,” I manage to say, my voice trembling as I rise unsteadily to my feet. Lycan School. “I can’t endure any more of your deceit.” A heavy silence hangs in the air as he approaches where I stand next to the bed. His fingers inch closer, and I instinctively recoil, attempting to escape his touch. But he’s astonishingly quick.

Before I can evade his grasp, his fingers encircle my throat, and an anguished scream escapes my lips as he abruptly sinks his teeth into my neck, leaving his mark. How did I end up in this predicament? I’m utterly clueless.

I’m a Werewolf, the sole one amidst a sea of Lycans at this school. You might be pondering, aren’t werewolves and Lycans the same? Let me assure you, they’re not.

This wasn’t how things were supposed to unfold. I should be at the Academy for Werewolves, cherished as the Alpha King’s daughter, and treated with adoration and reverence. I should be strolling the corridors with my mate, our hands entwined. But instead, I find myself subservient to the most attractive and ruthless male in the school – Rune Wilder, the son of the Lycan King.


It doesn’t make it any better that the Goddess’s Prophecy is upon us. The Hekate, Bringer of All Ruin has awakened. I must work with the bastard Lycan Prince and the students at the school–who would totally love to spit on my corpse–to prevent the annihilation of our people with the return of the Hekate.

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