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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy by Snoring_Panda tells the story of Li Mubai, who is reborn in a world where people can cultivate spiritual energy and gain supernatural powers. He finds out that he can acquire various skills from the games he has played in his previous life, which makes him different from other cultivators. He chooses to specialize in alchemy, which he thinks is the best way to reach immortality and strength. He joins a sect that teaches alchemy and soon becomes a talented alchemist.

But Li Mubai’s path is not easy. He has to deal with many enemies, both inside and outside of his sect. He also has to face the hidden dangers that are threatening the world’s stability. As he progresses in alchemy, he discovers ancient formulas and methods that have been forgotten for ages. He also learns more about the essence of cultivation and the way to immortality.

Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy is a novel about exploration, self-improvement, and the quest for power. It is also a novel about the value of hard work, persistence, and loyalty. The novel is well-received for its realistic characters, thrilling action scenes, and rich world-building. It is also distinctive for its original focus on alchemy, which is rarely seen in cultivation novels.


Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy is a captivating and well-crafted novel that will attract readers who like cultivation novels, litRPG, and fantasy.

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