Oh For Mates Sake

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Clover Basket stood on the precipice of her destiny, poised to become the next Delta of the Sulfur pack, a role that held the promise of leadership but not popularity. Oh For Mates Sake In just a few short days, she would take her oath, solidifying her place in the pack, but her past and uncertain heritage weighed heavily on her shoulders.

The Dark War had robbed Clover of her parents, leaving her an orphan with a lineage shrouded in mystery. This unknown heritage was a source of constant scrutiny and suspicion among her fellow pack members. For Clover, the place she lived was far from being a true home; it was more like a refuge where she sought shelter from a world that didn’t quite accept her.

Yet, fate had a twist in store for her. As her wolf’s instincts stirred within her, she faced a momentous decision when the word ‘mate’ echoed through the pack’s territory. Was he truly her destined mate, or was it a cruel twist of fate? Clover grappled with uncertainty, torn between longing for love and fearing the unknown.

Clover’s heart ached for answers, for a sense of belonging she had yearned for all her life. She yearned to uncover the truth that lay hidden within the bonds of fate. In her quest for answers, she hoped to find the home she had always dreamed of, a place where she could finally belong, and the love that had eluded her for so long.


As she ventured into the uncharted territory of her emotions and destiny, Clover Basket embarked on a journey of self-discovery and revelation. With each step she took, the weight of her past and the uncertainty of her future pushed her forward, propelling her towards a destiny that held the promise of not only leadership but also the love and acceptance she had always needed.

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