Latest Technology That Reduces Potholes In Roads

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The latest technology is about how researchers have developed a new “intelligent compaction” technology. This, when integrated into a road roller; can assess in real-time the quality of road base compaction. This means improved road construction, reduced potholes, and lower maintenance costs. This latest technology that reduces potholes, can lead to safer, more resilient roads.

Latest technology that reduces potholes

As shown in the picture above, months of heavy rain and flooding have made it possible for us to see the importance of road quality. We are plagued with potholes and road subsidence when we have poor road construction. This not only causes tire blowouts and structural damage to cars and trucks, but also increases the chance of serious accidents.

Developed by a research team from the University of Technology Sydney; the team leader of this study was Associate Professor Behzad Fatahi, who is the head of geotechnical and transport engineering, alongside with Professor Hadi Kahbbaz, Dr. Di Wu and Ph.D. student Zhengheng Xu. This innovative machine-learning technique, which processes data from a sensor attached to a construction roller, is the latest technology that reduces potholes in implications.

Latest technology that reduces potholes

Comment on the research study, Associate Professor Fatahi said; “We have developed an advanced computer model that incorporates machine-learning and big data from construction sites to predict the stiffness of compacted soil with a high degree of accuracy in a fraction of second, so roller operators can make adjustments,”

According to civil engineers, motorable roads are composed of three or more layers. These layers are rolled and compacted. Soil makes up the subgrade layer, this is complemented with natural materials such as crushed rock, and finally asphalt or concrete on top. How the mixture of soil and moisture conditions can result in under-compacted or over-compacted material.


This latest technology that reduces potholes aims to reduce the damages done to vehicles and incurred by vehicle owners. This would go a long way in promoting economic development of a country, tourism, , reduce budget on road construction each year and lower high risks of road accidents and make citizens live longer. We really think it is a game changer.

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