How To Get Jobs Abroad Through Lottery

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Is getting a job abroad via lottery possible, or is it a scam?! If those words crossed your mind, then this is for you too. Who wouldn’t want to pay a visit to the country of the “Oyinbos!”, at least once in his/her lifetime. Or to neighboring African nations for those of us who are African loyalists. Get to know these people and enjoy their culture in-person and not just through hearsay or movies. While this is probably true for many, there’s a different drive that’s been motivating people these days, especially here in Nigeria, and it’s not just “SAPA!”, but the very state of the country and the likelihood of a “successful” future, or what you could call “hope.” There are many ways to go abroad today, some of which are through work visas or scholarships, which are the most popular ones. But in this post, we will focus on how to get a jobs abroad through lottery.

how to get jobs abroad

Another way to get job abroad that is not too popular option is the visa lottery, and today we would be focusing on one rare option amongst visa lotteries, and that is the “Diversity Visa lottery”; how to get jobs abroad through lottery. The diversity visa (DV) lottery is a diversity immigration visa program whereby certain countries make provision for a number of immigrant visas yearly. Some countries give up to 50,000 Visas annually. These visas are often issued to a random selection from entries by people who are from countries that have low immigration rates within the issuing country. In America for instance, the program is referred to as the DV Program or the diversity immigrant visa program and is managed by the United States Department of State (DOS).

how to get jobs abroad via lottery

There is a usually a limited amount of time during which candidates can register for the DV Program each year. Every year, the U.S. Department of State publishes instructions on how to enter the DV Program. These instructions also contain the time and duration of the registration. Entries are usually submitted electronically for most countries. For America, entries are submitted via the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website.The links are usually accessible only during the announced registration periods. Late or paper entries are not accepted. Also, the law permits only a single entry per person each year. The DOS makes use of complex technology to identify multiple entries, and once detected, such a candidate is disqualified. This means you have to be very prepared to wait for this window of opportunity if you want to stand a chance to get jobs abroad through lottery.

how to get jobs abroad via lottery


It is usually advised for candidates to have a relevant skill up their sleeves, as it may be required of them during their application, this is because at times selected candidates may not get jobs on their arrival. We hope that you found this post, how to get jobs abroad through lottery; very interesting and helpful, do let us know in the comment section if you did.

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