Germany Employs Robots For Elderly Care

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Germany has made a breakthrough in robotics as it the country Germany employs robots to be used for their elderly persons care. This robot also called a white humanoid “Garmi” resembles a standard robot in appearance; it stands on a platform with wheels and has a black screen on which two blue circles serve as its eyes.

Guenter Steinebach, a retired doctor from Germany, remarked, “For me, this robot is a dream.” Patients can receive care and therapy from Garmi in addition to diagnostic procedures. At least, that is idea behind it.

robot for elderly care

This field of robotics is called Geriatronics field, which uses cutting-edge technologies including robotics, IT, and 3D technology for geriatrics, gerontology, and nursing, is the source of Garmi. At the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, a group of about a dozen scientists created Garmi with the assistance of physicians like Steinebach. The institute, which is a part of the Technical University of Munich, has its geriatronics unit situated in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a ski town with one of the largest proportions of old people in Germany. The most populous nation in Europe is also one of the oldest societies in the planet.

Germany is expecting that the number of those in need of care is rising swiftly, as a result of this, researchers are working quickly to replace the 670,000 caregiver positions that won’t be filled in Germany by 2050. Thereby conceiving robots that can take over some of the tasks carried out today by nurses, caregivers and doctors.

Germany employs robots
Germany employs robots

The results of the robot’s tests may then be evaluated by doctors remotely, which could be very helpful for residents of rural regions. Instead, the device might provide a more individualized service at home or at a care facility, such as preparing meals, opening bottles of water, phoning for assistance in case of a fall, or setting up a video call with loved ones.

The lead scientist of the lab, Abdeldjallil Naceri had this to comment. “We have ATMs where we can get cash today. We can imagine that one day, based on the same model, people can come to get their medical examination in a kind of technology hub,” Besides him, other medical practitioners also visit the lab regularly to offer their ideas and feedback on the robot. “It’s like a three-year-old child. We have to teach it everything, We must get there, the statistics are clear that it is urgent. From 2030, we must be able to integrate this kind of technology in our society. ” Naceri said. It’s anyone’s guess when Garmi might be ready on a commercial scale, however, these people are quite optimistic.


Since Germany is having problem of workers in this field, this their approach of using of employing robots in caregiving for their elderly people is a novel one. As the number of those in need of care rises swiftly, researchers are working quickly to replace the 670,000 caregiver positions that won’t be filled in Germany by 2050. Let us know what you think about this, Can human trust robots for health care?

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