Divine Emperor of Death

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Divine Emperor of Death is a web novel written by DMWG. It tells the story of Long Chen, a young man who is reincarnated into the world of Tianwu after being betrayed and killed by his loved ones in his previous life.

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In Tianwu, Long Chen awakens to find himself in the body of a young boy who is being bullied for being a cripple. However, Long Chen is not discouraged. He knows that he has a second chance at life, and he is determined to make the most of it.

Long Chen begins to cultivate the Nine Stars of Taiyi, a powerful cultivation technique that he learned in his previous life.

He also begins to gather a group of loyal friends and allies, including the beautiful and talented Luo Bing, the mysterious and powerful Chu Yao, and the loyal and dependable Guo Ran.

Long Chen and his friends quickly rise to power in Tianwu, but they soon find themselves caught up in a conspiracy that threatens the entire world. Long Chen must use all of his strength and cunning to defeat his enemies and protect those he cares about.

Along the way, Long Chen learns the truth about his previous life and the forces that are working against him. He also discovers the true meaning of power and sacrifice.


Divine Emperor of Death is a story about revenge, friendship, and the power of the human spirit. It is a story that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

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