My Boss Is a Vampire Turned Cat

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“My Boss Is a Vampire Turned Cat” is a Chinese manhua penned and illustrated by YuanQiDan Comics, presenting the intriguing tale of Su Rong. The narrative unfolds as Su Rong, a young woman, stumbles upon a peculiar black cat adorned with a diamond collar. This feline companion not only utilizes her bathtub, indulges in her food, and claims her bed for slumber but, despite the inconveniences, Su Rong tolerates the cat’s antics due to financial incentives. However, her tolerant stance takes an unexpected turn when the cat mysteriously disappears.

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In a surprising twist, Su Rong makes a startling discovery linking her boss, the CEO of the company where she works, to the vanished cat. Astonishingly, her boss is donning the same distinctive diamond collar, and additional peculiarities emerge—fangs and superhuman strength reminiscent of a vampire. It becomes evident that the CEO was once a formidable vampire who fell victim to a curse, transforming him into a cat. Since then, he has been tirelessly seeking a means to undo this enchantment.

Motivated by newfound knowledge, Su Rong resolves to aid her boss in breaking the curse that binds him to his feline form. The narrative unfolds into a series of adventures as the duo embarks on a journey to reverse the enchantment. In the process, a romantic connection blossoms between Su Rong and her boss, adding a layer of emotional depth to their shared trials.

The manhua seamlessly intertwines elements of romance, comedy, and the supernatural, creating a harmonious blend that enriches the storytelling experience. Renowned for its endearing and charming characters, the narrative explores their dynamics against the backdrop of a well-paced and exhilarating plot. The juxtaposition of a vampire-turned-cat CEO and a determined employee makes for a compelling and entertaining narrative, drawing readers into a world where the boundaries between the mundane and the magical are delightfully blurred.


“My Boss Is a Vampire Turned Cat” stands out for its ability to evoke a range of emotions, from heartwarming moments to humorous escapades, all while maintaining a captivating plot progression. The manhua’s popularity is underscored by its engaging narrative, charming character portrayals, and the seamless integration of supernatural and romantic elements. In essence, this work by YuanQiDan Comics has become a noteworthy contribution to the genre, captivating readers with its unique premise and well-executed storytelling.

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