What Does Datafication Means in Science?

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Is a technological development called “datafication” converts many parts of our lives into data, which is then converted into information and realized as a new kind of value.

In 2013, the words “datafication” and “Viktor Mayer-Schönberger” were first used in a larger context. [4] Datafication had previously been used to describe the study of data-based representations of our lives, but not on the current scale. Big data’s influence and predictive analytics’ access to computational power were the main causes of this transformation.

Datafication differs from digitization, which transforms analog content, such as books, movies, and images, into digital information, or a series of ones and zeros, which computers can interpret. Datafication is a much bigger activity that involves converting all facets of life into data. When something is data filled, its function can be changed, and the information can then be used to create new types of value[2].


Twitter’s datafication of stray thoughts and LinkedIn’s and other companies’ datafication of HR are two examples of datafication as it relates to social and communication media. Aspects of the built environment, design using engineering and/or other tools, and data connections to formal, functional, or other physical media results are just a few other examples. An example of data gathering and processing for optimal control is shape optimization.


Human resources
Data obtained from mobile phones, apps or social media usage is used to identify potential employees and their specific characteristics such as risk taking profile and personality. This data will replace personality tests. Rather using the traditional personality tests or the exams that measure the analytical thinking, using the data obtained through datafication will change existing exam providers. Also, with this data new personality measures will be developed.[6][7]
Insurance and Banking
Data is used to understand an individual’s risk profile and likelihood to pay a loan.
Customer relationship management
Various industries are using datafication to understand their customers better and create appropriate triggers based on each customer’s personality and behaviour. This data is obtained from the language and tone a person uses in emails, phone calls or social medias.[8]

Street lamps in Amsterdam have been upgraded to allow municipal councils to dim the lights based on pedestrian usage.[9]
Smart city
Through the data obtained from the sensors that are implemented into the smart city, issues that can arise might be noticed and tackled in areas such as transportation, waste management, logistics, and energy. On the basis of real-time data, commuters could change their routes when there is a traffic jam. With the sensors that can measure air and water quality, cities can not only gain a more detailed understanding of the pollution levels, but may also enact new environmental regulations based on real-time data.[10]

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