Void Evolution System

Twenty-five years ago, the world underwent a cataclysmic transformation, an event now etched in history as the “World Awakening.” During this pivotal moment, the very fabric of Earth was forever altered. Mana, a mystical force, surged forth into existence, accompanied by the sudden emergence of portals and an enigmatic holographic screen that projected before the eyes of every human, revealing their unique “status.”

In this epoch of change, each individual was bestowed with a distinct talent, an innate gift that spanned a wide spectrum, from mundane enhancements like superior vision to fantastical powers, including the likes of pyrokinesis. Among the many awakened, there was Damien, who found himself in possession of a spatial affinity, granting him the power of “short-distance teleportation.”

Initially, exhilaration coursed through Damien’s veins as he envisioned grand battles and the acquisition of formidable might. However, harsh reality swiftly dispelled his fantasies. Void Evolution System His teleportation ability had a meager range of merely ten meters, and his physical attributes remained dishearteningly frail, rendering him utterly drained after deploying his gift a few times.

Disenchanted by his perceived weakness, Damien resigned himself to a modest existence, doing whatever it took to scrape by. Yet, fate had a different plan in store. One fateful day, betrayal threw him through a portal, condemning him to fend for his life within the labyrinthine confines of a perilous beast-infested realm.

In that dire moment, something within Damien snapped. He rejected the notion of perpetual frailty and submission. Emerging from the abyss of adversity, he discovered himself reborn, transformed into a person no longer willing to bow to his limitations.


When Damien finally emerged from the abyss, he found himself in an entirely new world, severed from the familiarity of Earth, with no discernible path of return. Nevertheless, the once-feeble youth had metamorphosed into a formidable force, forever altered by the trials he had faced and the strength he had discovered within himself.

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