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Summary: Totally Killer is a horror comedy that follows Jamie, a teenage girl who travels back in time to the 1980s to stop a serial killer who murdered her mother and her friends. Jamie teams up with the younger version of her mom, who was a mean girl and the leader of the victims, to find out who the killer is and prevent the killings. Along the way, Jamie faces culture shock, comedy, and twists as she tries to change history.

Review: Totally Killer is a fun and entertaining movie that pays homage to classic horror and sci-fi films, such as Halloween, Back to the Future, and Scream. The movie has a clever and witty script that mixes humor and horror, as well as some surprising revelations that keep the audience guessing. The movie also has a great cast, especially Kiernan Shipka as Jamie, who delivers a charming and charismatic performance. Julie Bowen and Olivia Holt are also excellent as the older and younger versions of Pam, Jamie’s mother. The movie does have some flaws, such as the bland direction, the lack of atmosphere, and the underdeveloped characters. The movie also relies too much on references and clichés, without adding much originality or depth. Overall, Totally Killer is a enjoyable movie that offers some laughs and scares, but it could have been more inventive and memorable.


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