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the stardust thief

The Stardust Thief by Chelsea Abdullah is a fantasy novel inspired by stories from One Thousand and One Nights. It is the first book in The Sandsea Trilogy series. The book tells the story of Loulie al-Nazari, a smuggler of illegal magic who is forced by the sultan to find a lamp that can restore the land but also kill all jinn. Along the way, she faces many dangers and discovers secrets about herself and her world. The book has received positive reviews from critics and readers, who praised the author’s writing style, world-building, characters, and plot.

My personal opinion of the book is that it is a captivating and thrilling read that kept me hooked from start to finish. I enjoyed the author’s vivid descriptions of the desert setting, the magic system, and the culture of the people. I also liked the main characters, especially Loulie, who is a strong, smart, and witty heroine who faces many challenges and dilemmas. I found her relationship with her jinn bodyguard, Zayn, to be intriguing and complex. The book also has plenty of action, suspense, twists, and surprises that kept me on the edge of my seat. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy, adventure, and romance. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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The author of The Stardust Thief is Chelsea Abdullah, a Kuwaiti-American writer who was born and raised in Kuwait. She has a master’s degree in English from Duquesne University and currently lives in New York. She is inspired by stories from One Thousand and One Nights and the folklore of the desert. She has published one novel so far, The Stardust Thief, which is the first book in The Sandsea Trilogy series. She is working on the second book, The Ashfire King, which will be released in 2024.


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