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Meg 2: The Trench is a science fiction action film that is the sequel to The Meg (2018). It follows Jonas Taylor, a former naval captain and expert diver, who leads a team of researchers into the deepest part of the ocean, where they encounter multiple giant sharks called Megalodons. The film is based on the novel The Trench by Steve Alten1.

The film begins with Taylor being approached by a group of scientists who seek his assistance in dealing with the Megalodon threat. They inform him about the discovery of an even deeper trench, which may offer clues to the origin of the Megalodon species. Taylor agrees to join them, along with his adopted daughter Meiying, who is also a marine biologist. They are accompanied by Jiuming Zhang, Taylor’s friend and brother-in-law, who owns a company that studies and trains a female Meg named Haiqi.

The team travels to the trench in a submersible, where they encounter a malevolent mining operation led by Montes, a ruthless businessman who wants to exploit the trench’s resources. Montes has a mole inside Taylor’s team, Jess, who sabotages their submersible and traps them in the trench. Montes also unleashes a pack of Megs on them, hoping to kill them and destroy any evidence of his illegal activities.

Taylor and his team manage to escape from the trench with the help of Haiqi, who sacrifices herself to save them. They then confront Montes and his men on their mining station, where they engage in a fierce battle. Taylor manages to kill Montes by throwing him into the mouth of a Meg, while Jess is killed by another Meg. The team then returns to the surface, where they are hailed as heroes for exposing Montes’ crimes and saving the ocean from further damage.


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