Infrared Bidirectional Counter with AC bulb

bidirection counter using IR obstacle sensor

This project uses two Infrared (IR) obstacle sensors o notice the direction of movement; if the direction is from left to right otherwise known as the entrance, it will count that the person has moved inside a house. And would keep increasing the number of person moving into the house direction according to this motion, Once the entrance count is above one (1), it will turn on an AC bulb. But if the direction of movement was from ight to left (Exit movement) it will decrement the number of count of people inside the house and will keep decrementing according to this directional motion until the count is zero and it will turn off the AC bulb.

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Solar Based Smart Irrigation System with SMS Notification

Solar based smart irriagation system

The design is an automated smart project that has the capacity of detecting the relative humidity, optimum temperature and soil moisture level of a garden or farm using special soil moiture sensors and relay this data to authorized user phone via short message service (SMS). The project design also uses the level of water in the soil to determine when to turn on a DC power pump water into the farm for irrigation purposes automatically. This means it totally eliminates the human labor part in running the successful irrigation in both arid and well rainfall places.

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