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Stealing Spree by Dyrem is a realistic fiction novel about a high school student named Onoda Ruki who has a secret desire to steal every girl from their guy. Ruki is not the most popular or handsome student in school, but he is intelligent and charming. He is also very good at understanding people and what they want.

As Ruki continues his stealing spree, he starts to lose his friends and his reputation. The other boys in school start to see him as a threat, and the girls start to see him as a player. Ruki also starts to attract the attention of the wrong people. He’s approached by a group of gangsters who want him to join their gang. Ruki declines their offer, but he knows that he’s now in danger.

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Ruki’s stealing spree begins when he sees the Class Hunk of that year confess to someone. The girl isn’t even that beautiful, but Ruki feels an itch to steal her from him. He succeeds, and soon he is stealing girls from all over school. Ruki never keeps the girls for long, though. He simply enjoys the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of taking something that doesn’t belong to him.

Ruki’s success in stealing his first girl emboldens him. He starts to set his sights on more difficult targets, such as the girls who are dating the most popular boys in school. Ruki is able to steal every girl he sets his eyes on. He does this by using a variety of tactics, such as charm, wit, and manipulation. He also knows how to play the girls’ boyfriends against each other.

As Ruki’s stealing spree continues, he starts to attract attention. Some people are impressed by his skills, while others are disgusted by his behavior. Ruki also starts to develop feelings for one of the girls he steals, which complicates things even further.


Stealing Spree is a story about love, loss, and redemption. It is also a story about the power of obsession and the dangers of living a life without consequences.

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