Robotic Fish ‘robo-fish’ Help with Plastic Pollution Removal In Waterways

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robotic Fish 'robo-fish' Help with Plastic Pollution Removal

During the University of Surrey’s public competition named “The Natural Robotics Contest”; in which a robot fish nick-named “robo-fish” that does the job of filtering microplastics from waterways had won the competition. The robotic fish ‘robo-fish’ help with plastic pollution removal, was designed by a brilliant student named Eleanor Mackintosh. She was awarded the winner because of the solutions it provided to promote environmental waste removal.

robotic Fish 'robo-fish' Help with Plastic Pollution Removal

This robotic competition which was held in the summer of 2022, was made open to anyone who was a hobbyist or had an idea for a bio-inspired robot. It also promised that the competition winner’s model exhibition would be turned into a working prototype. Speaking about the robotic Fish ‘robo-fish’ that helped with plastic pollution removal; Dr. Robert Siddall, lecturer at the University of Surrey and the contest’s creator, says, “We don’t know where the vast majority of plastic dumped into our waterways ends up. We hope that this robo-fish and its future descendants are the first steps in the right direction to helping us to find and, eventually, control this plastic pollution problem.”

robotic Fish 'robo-fish' Help with Plastic Pollution Removal

The contest received worldwide positive feedback after receiving ideas from all over the world. This included everything from forest-protecting bear robots to crab-inspired space rovers, as well as a tiny robotic sea urchin. The robotic fish ‘robo-fish’ that helps with plastic pollution removal, however, was the most unique. It was about the size of the real fish salmon and had a set of gills whose function was to filter the water as it swam. The best part is that its design is open source and free to download on the contest website. Anyone with a 3D printer and some hobbyist skills can create and own one.

Dr. Siddall added, “The robo-fish will join other pollution-fighting robots under development at the University of Surrey, helping to make the world more sustainable.” A youtube video of this robotic fish can be seen here.

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The robotic fish ‘robo-fish’ help with plastic pollution removal is a step forward to curbing sea wastes and plastic pollution in the water ways. This is exactly what we need. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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