Rejected, But Not Broken

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Rejected, but not Broken is a werewolf romance novel by KatVonBeck. The story follows Gabi, a young woman who has been bullied and abused her entire life. She is also thought to be wolfless, because she did not get her wolf at 16.

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On the worst week of Gabi’s life, she finds out that the soon-to-be Alpha of her pack, Derek Stryker, is her mate. However, Derek immediately rejects her, because he had brought his chosen mate to introduce her to the pack.

Gabi is devastated by Derek’s rejection. She decides to leave her pack and start a new life. She moves to a new town and enrolls in a new school.

At her new school, Gabi meets a group of friends who accept her for who she is. She also meets a new love interest, Ethan. Ethan is everything that Derek is not. He is kind, compassionate, and protective of Gabi.

Gabi and Ethan’s relationship grows stronger over time. Gabi also begins to discover her own strength and inner power. She realizes that she does not need Derek to be happy.

One day, Gabi is forced to return to her old pack to help with their training. She is hesitant at first, but she knows that she must face her past in order to move on.

When Gabi arrives at her old pack, she is surprised to see that Derek is different. He is no longer the arrogant and abusive boy that he used to be. He is now a kind and compassionate leader.

Derek apologizes to Gabi for rejecting her. He admits that he was wrong, and he wants to give her a second chance.

Gabi forgives Derek, but she is not sure if she can trust him again. She decides to take things slow and see where their relationship goes.

In the end, Gabi finds true love with Ethan. She also learns to accept and love herself for who she is.


Rejected, but not Broken is a story about self-acceptance, overcoming adversity, and finding true love. It is a heartwarming and inspiring read for fans of werewolf romance.

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