Her Alpha’s Orders

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Her Alpha's Orders

Her Alpha’s Orders is a werewolf romance novel by Dreame. The story follows Jo-Anne, a young woman who has been mated to West, the Alpha of her pack. However, Jo-Anne and West do not love each other, and they are both unhappy with the mating bond.

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Jo-Anne begs West to reject her, but he refuses. He is determined to make the mating bond work, even if it means forcing Jo-Anne to obey him.

West’s orders become increasingly controlling and abusive. Jo-Anne tries to escape, but she is always caught and brought back. She eventually decides to kill herself in order to escape West’s tyranny.

Jo-Anne survives her suicide attempt, but she is left without a wolf. She is now a human, and she is free from the mating bond.

Jo-Anne is determined to start a new life for herself. However, she knows that West will not let her go so easily. She must find a way to protect herself from him and his pack.


Her Alpha’s Orders is a story about domestic violence, abuse, and survival. It is a powerful and disturbing novel that will stay with readers long after they finish reading it.

Her Alpha’s Orders is a werewolf romance novel by Dreame, focusing on Jo-Anne, a young woman mated to West, the Alpha of her pack. Despite their disagreements, they are forced to obey West’s abusive orders. Jo-Anne attempts suicide, but is eventually freed from the mating bond. Despite her newfound humanity, she must protect herself from West and his pack, highlighting the themes of domestic violence and survival.

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