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Indra Das’ “The Devourers” is a plunge into dark fantasy that blends genres and challenges expectations. Weaving together historical fiction, fantasy, and horror, the novel delves into the lives of shapeshifters across centuries, leaving a lasting impact on readers according to Goodreads reviews.

The story unfolds in Kolkata, India, where a university professor named Alok encounters a stranger claiming to be half-werewolf. Drawn to this enigmatic figure, Alok agrees to translate ancient scrolls detailing the creatures’ history. These scrolls, disturbingly written on human skin, unveil a narrative spanning from 17th century Mughal India to the chilling present.

The reader journeys through time alongside Alok, piecing together the tale of Fenrir, a monstrous werewolf from Scandinavia, his French companion Gévaudan, and Cyrah, a Muslim Persian woman forever changed by their encounter. Das’ exploration of these characters extends beyond the typical werewolf mythology. Prepare to encounter creatures of a more primal nature, with complex desires and a capacity for violence that will make your skin crawl.

While some readers praise the vivid imagery and unique blend of mythologies, others find the graphic content challenging. However, there’s a sense that the discomfort is intentional. Das pushes boundaries to explore themes of identity, particularly the fluidity of gender and sexuality.

If you enjoy dark fantasy with a strong dose of the unsettling, then this novel might be a thrilling ride. However, be prepared for a slow burn and a heavy focus on atmosphere and character development rather than a fast-paced plot. Ultimately, “The Devourers” offers a unique and disturbing exploration of monstrosity, both within and without.

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