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Calling all fans of fast-paced paranormal reads! Buckle up for M.A. Levi’s “Flames to the Beast,” the first instalment in the “Beast Trilogy.” This gripping novel throws us into the fiery world of werewolves, not the ferocious monsters of classic lore, but protectors sworn to defend humanity.

Our story opens with Eli Santos, a werewolf burdened by guilt. A recent attack on his pack leaves him reeling, especially after witnessing a shocking revelation. The perpetrator? None other than Keller, a former ally turned villain who leads the militant Order of St. Michael. This betrayal ignites a terrifying prophecy: “Flames to the Beast.”

With their home in ruins and the Order baying for blood, Eli and his mate, Roslyn, are forced to flee. Their destination: Michigan, where they seek the aid of a powerful werewolf named George “Quicksilver” Crownwelm. The journey is fraught with danger as the relentless Order pursues them.

Eli and Roslyn aren’t alone in their fight. Levi crafts a compelling cast of characters, from the fiercely loyal Roslyn to the enigmatic Quicksilver. As they unite, they must evade capture and unravel the secrets behind the prophecy and the Order’s true motives.

Readers on Goodreads praise “Flames to the Beast” for its fast-paced action and unique take on werewolves. One reviewer highlights the well-developed characters and suspenseful plot. At the same time, another commends the vivid descriptions of the transformations, making you feel the raw power and pain that comes with them.

“Flames to the Beast” is a thrilling introduction to Levi’s werewolf universe. With its blend of action, intrigue, and a touch of romance, this novel will leave you eager to dive into the next chapter of the “Beast Trilogy.”

If you’re looking for a fresh take on the werewolf mythos, packed with action and heart, then “Flames to the Beast” is a must-read. Just be prepared to be left wanting more – because with a burning prophecy hanging in the air, the fight for survival has only begun.

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