My Brothers Mate

Natalia Vasquez’s journey has been a tumultuous one, marred by adversity and betrayal from those who were supposed to be her pillars of support. From the tender age of six, she faced the harsh realities of bullying, torture, and abuse, all orchestrated by individuals she once believed would love, cherish, and protect her. My Brothers Mate.The source of this torment traced back to a deceitful lie spun by none other than her so-called best friend, Aubrey.

Natalia’s early shift, a taboo among alpha wolves who typically transform at the age of eighteen, marked the genesis of her harrowing ordeal. While in her wolf form, Natalia rescued Aubrey from a rogue attack, only to become the scapegoat of a fabricated tale upon their return to the packhouse. Aubrey, in an act of betrayal, accused Natalia of aggression, alleging that she attacked in a frenzied attempt to prevent Aubrey from fleeing.

Since that fateful day, Natalia has endured relentless torment, facing not only the physical onslaught of projectiles like plates and chairs but also enduring the wounds of hurtful insults. Her dreams of a fairy-tale ending, where a mate would sweep in to rescue her from the abyss, were shattered when she finally discovered her mate—only to be instantly rejected.

Contrary to expectations, Natalia’s life did not culminate in despair after the rejection; instead, it marked the inception of a new chapter. The question looms: will her rejected mate join her on this unforeseen journey, or will she forge ahead, leaving him behind in the dust? Time holds the answers to Natalia’s uncertain fate as she navigates the uncharted waters of her newfound existence.

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