Legend of Ling Tian eBook Review


“Legend of Ling Tian” transports readers to a world where cultivation begins even before birth. Ling Tian, a martial arts genius, crosses from the modern era to ancient times, carrying memories of his former self. His journey unfolds against a backdrop of political intrigue, alliances, and power struggles.

Legend of Ling Tian
Legend of Ling Tian

Main Characters and Their Motivations

  • Ling Tian: Fearless and image-agnostic, Ling Tian strives for excellence. His eloquence and burning desire to be the best propel him forward.
  • Other Characters: Various figures from the court and Great Families play pivotal roles, either as allies or adversaries.

Plot: Conflict and Resolution

The central conflict revolves around Ling Tian’s quest for supremacy. He navigates court politics, family rivalries, and hidden enemies. As he unravels secrets and cultivates his abilities, Ling Tian seeks to conquer the world. The resolution lies in his pursuit of enlightenment and the revelation of ancient mysteries.


  • Time: The novel spans ancient times, where martial arts and power shape destinies.
  • Place: Ling Tian’s adventures unfold in a world of courtly intrigue, where the Great Families vie for influence. The setting influences character choices, alliances, and conflicts.
Legend of Ling Tian


  1. Legacy and Ambition: Ling Tian grapples with the legacy of his past self and strives to surpass it.
  2. Power and Politics: The courtly machinations and family dynamics underscore themes of power and ambition.
  3. Secrets and Enlightenment: Ling Tian’s journey involves uncovering hidden truths and seeking enlightenment.


“Legend of Ling Tian” weaves a captivating tale of martial arts, strategy, and self-discovery. As Ling Tian plays the game of power, readers are drawn into a world where legacy echoes across generations. Axes split mountains, and destinies intertwine—prepare for an epic adventure!

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