Born in apocalypse by COSMIC04


“Born in Apocalypse” thrusts readers into a world of chaos and transformation. Dhruv, once blessed with a fulfilling life, faces unimaginable tragedy and injustice. But when cosmic evolution arrives, he becomes one of the chosen few, wielding immense magical power. Revenge and conquest drive his journey, as he seeks to reshape a broken world.

Born in apocalypse
Born in apocalypse

Main Characters and Their Motivations

  • Dhruv: Formerly content, Dhruv loses everything—family, friends, and freedom. Falsely accused and tormented, he hungers for revenge. The cosmic evolution grants him newfound abilities, fueling his determination to conquer.
  • Elena, the Seer: A mysterious figure who guides Dhruv, her motivations shrouded in prophecy and ancient knowledge.

Plot: Conflict and Resolution

The central conflict revolves around Dhruv’s quest for justice and power. He battles inner demons, external foes, and the expanding cosmic crack. As he learns spellcasting and embraces his role as a chosen one, Dhruv seeks redemption and vengeance. Along the way, he uncovers hidden truths about the apocalypse and the cosmic forces at play. The resolution lies in his transformation from victim to victor, but at what cost?


  • Time: The novel unfolds after the arrival of cosmic evolution, reshaping reality.
  • Place: Dhruv’s journey spans a world scarred by violence and betrayal. From prison cells to mystical realms, the setting influences alliances, battles, and Dhruv’s choices. The juxtaposition of ruined cities and ethereal landscapes adds depth to the narrative.
Born in apocalypse
Born in apocalypse


  1. Survival and Transformation: Dhruv adapts to a post-apocalyptic landscape, evolving both physically and mentally. His growth mirrors humanity’s resilience in the face of catastrophe.
  2. Justice and Retribution: Cosmic power empowers Dhruv’s pursuit of justice for his family’s murder. His quest becomes a symbol of hope for others who suffer.
  3. Friendship and Betrayal: Dhruv navigates shifting loyalties, forming bonds with unlikely allies. Betrayals test his resolve and force him to question trust.
  4. Legacy and Redemption: The cosmic evolution offers a chance at redemption, but it demands sacrifices. Dhruv grapples with the weight of his past and the legacy he’ll leave behind.

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“Born in Apocalypse” weaves magic, vengeance, and resilience into a gripping narrative. Dhruv’s path—from despair to empowerment—captures the essence of survival in a fractured world. Axes split mountains, and destinies intertwine—prepare for an epic adventure! 

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