His Secret Obsession

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His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is a romance novel by Aleatha Romig about a young woman named Piper who is desperately in love with her best friend, Brendan. Brendan is everything Piper wants in a man: kind, handsome, and intelligent. However, Brendan has made it clear that he does not see Piper in a romantic light.

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Piper is heartbroken, but she refuses to give up on Brendan. She decides to use the dating advice in a popular book called His Secret Obsession to make Brendan fall in love with her.

This Novel is a book that teaches women how to use male psychology to make men fall in love with them. The book emphasizes the importance of being feminine, submissive, and mysterious.

Piper begins to follow the advice in His Secret Obsession, and she quickly notices a change in Brendan’s behavior. He becomes more attentive and affectionate towards her. He also starts to confess his feelings for her.

Piper is thrilled that her plan is working, but she soon realizes that she is not happy in the relationship. She feels like she has to pretend to be someone she’s not in order to keep Brendan’s attention.

Piper must decide whether or not to continue using the advice in His Secret Obsession to keep Brendan, or whether to be true to herself and risk losing him.

His Secret Obsession is a story about love, relationships, and self-discovery. It is a reminder that true love is based on honesty and acceptance, not on manipulation and games.


The novel has been criticized for promoting unhealthy and unrealistic relationship dynamics. Some critics have also argued that the book is sexist and misogynistic.

Despite the criticism, His Secret Obsession is a popular novel that has been translated into multiple languages. It has also been adapted into a film.

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