Here is Some Sleeping Method Without Any Air Conditional

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Sleeping Method
  • Freeze your sheets and pillowcases
Freeze your sheets and pillowcases. Sleeping Method

An hour or two before you go to bed, throw your sheets and pillowcases in the freezer. They won’t come out stiff as a board, don’t worry. However, they’ll stay icy long enough that you can easily fall asleep without feeling like you’re overheating.

  • Throw your socks in the freezer, too.
 Throw your socks in the freezer, too

Along the same lines as freezing your linens, you can also freeze your socks for cooling relief. Like your fingers, feet and toes are sensitive to temperature changes and play a role in regulating temperature. By keeping your feet cool, you help cool down the rest of your body.

  • Use house fans to make your own AC

Fans are much more energy-efficient and wallet-friendly than an air conditioner. They use about 1% of the electricity that AC does. So, take advantage of fans and strategically place them around your room. Place one fan next to your bedside and put a bowl of ice water in front of it. The ice will create cold air that the fan will blow towards you. Next, face a window fan outward to blow the hot air from your bedroom outside.

  • Use a wet towel layer
 Use a wet towel layer

Lay a damp towel down on your bed over your sheets to give your body some cooling relief while you fall asleep. Though, I recommend you lay a dry towel underneath the wet one to avoid soaking your mattress with water which can damage the foam in your mattress. The towel won’t stay cold for the entire night, but it should stay cool enough that you can drift off to sleep.

  • Don’t sleep in the nude
 Don't sleep in the nude

You may see advice on the internet suggesting that you should sleep in the nude to stay cool. That might work if you sleep cool, but it won’t do much for you if you get sweaty. If you’re hot, it’s beneficial to wear lightweight pajamas (such as cotton) that can wick the moisture away. Otherwise, your body is free to sweat all over your sheets.

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