Harlen Coben’s Shelter (2023) Series Review

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Harlan Coben's Shelter

Harlan Coben’s Shelter is a new series on Prime Video that follows the adventures of Mickey Bolitar, a teenager who moves to a new town after his father’s death and his mother’s rehab. He soon gets involved in a mystery involving his missing girlfriend, a mysterious Bat Lady, and a dangerous criminal organization. The series is based on the novel Shelter by Harlan Coben, who also co-created the show with his daughter Charlotte Coben¹.

The series has eight episodes, each about 45 minutes long. The first five episodes are available to watch now, and the remaining three will be released weekly until September 22, 2023². The series is rated TV-14 for violence, language, and some sexual content.

The series has received mixed reviews from critics and viewers. Some praised the show for its fast-paced plot, engaging characters, and suspenseful twists. Others criticized the show for its clichéd tropes, unrealistic dialogue, and poor acting. The series currently has a 6.6/10 rating on IMDb based on 1.9K user ratings¹.

My personal opinion is that the series is entertaining but not very original. I enjoyed watching the mystery unfold and the chemistry between the main characters. However, I also felt that the show relied too much on familiar formulas and stereotypes, such as the nerdy sidekick, the mean jock, and the mysterious mentor. I also found some of the dialogue and situations to be unrealistic and cheesy. For example, in one scene, Mickey and his friends hack into a school computer using a USB drive that they conveniently find in a locker³. In another scene, Mickey confronts a dangerous criminal with a baseball bat and manages to escape unharmed.

Overall, I would recommend Harlan Coben’s Shelter to fans of mystery and thriller genres who are looking for a light and fun watch. However, I would not expect too much depth or originality from this series. I would give it a 3/5 stars rating.


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