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the killing kind

The Killing Kind is a new legal thriller series that premiered on Paramount+ on 7 September 2023. It is based on the novel of the same name by Jane Casey, and stars Emma Appleton as Ingrid Lewis, a barrister who defends John Webster, played by Colin Morgan, against stalking charges, only to find herself stalked by him. The series follows Ingrid’s attempts to escape Webster’s obsession and unravel the mystery behind the death of her friend and mentor.

The series consists of six episodes, each about an hour long. The first episode introduces the main characters and sets up the conflict between Ingrid and Webster. The subsequent episodes explore Ingrid’s personal and professional life, as well as Webster’s background and motives. The series also features a supporting cast of Ingrid’s colleagues, friends, family, and enemies, who are involved in various subplots and twists.

The series has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the performances of Appleton and Morgan, the suspenseful plot, the atmospheric cinematography, and the realistic portrayal of the legal system. The series has been compared to other popular thrillers such as Killing Eve, The Fall, and You. Some of the criticisms of the series include the occasional use of clichés, the lack of character development for some of the secondary characters, and the unresolved questions left by the finale.

Overall, The Killing Kind is a gripping and engaging series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas, psychological thrillers, and courtroom dramas.


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