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Dyscalculia: When facing a profound breakup, an experience of immense magnitude, Camonghne Felix finds herself delving into the aftermath, even tracing it back to early childhood trauma and the intricacies of her mental well-being, as well as her intricate relationship with mathematics. This process becomes the fabric of her recovery, a tapestry interwoven with threads of self-discovery. In a display of exquisite vulnerability, Felix embarks on a journey to reclaim her identity, delving into the historical chapters she had previously overlooked. She ingeniously employs her childhood struggle with “dyscalculia,” a condition that complicates mathematical learning, as a poignant metaphor for the reverberations of her misjudgments in matters of the heart. As she confronts the fallout of this significant breakup and other audacious forays into adult emotional connections, Felix poses a compelling question: Who possesses the right to lay claim to their own emotional anguish?

Amidst her reflections, Felix adeptly navigates the discord between how events are perceived and their underlying reality, the intricate interplay between love and harm, and the intricate dynamics of heartbreak, whether in the realm of romantic unions or familial ties. Her exploration unfurls a contemplation of the intricacies and disparities inherent in the human experience of pain, ultimately raising questions about the legitimacy of asserting ownership over one’s suffering.

About The Author

Camonghne Felix 
Camonghne Felix 

Camonghne Felix (pronounced /kəmoʊn/kuh-MOHN; born 1992)[1] is an American writer, poet, and communications strategist. In 2015, she was appointed as Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s speechwriter, and was the first black woman and youngest person to serve in the role. Her debut poetry collection, Build Yourself A Boat, was longlisted for the 2019 National Book Award.[2][3]


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