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Summary: Deleter follows Lyra, a content moderator who works for a shady company that filters graphic uploads from reaching social media platforms. Lyra is unfazed by the disturbing images she sees every day, thanks to the calming pills she gets from her boss Simon. However, when her co-worker Aileen commits suicide, Lyra’s past trauma resurfaces and she starts to experience a vengeful presence that haunts her.


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Review: Deleter is a film that explores the dark side of the internet and the exploitation of workers in the content moderation industry. The film creates a claustrophobic and sinister atmosphere that builds tension and suspense throughout. The sound design and editing are effective in conveying the horror and disorientation of Lyra’s situation. The film also offers some social commentary on how the internet affects our lives and mental health, as well as the ethical issues of censorship and privacy. The film is not without flaws, however. The script is somewhat far-fetched and the supernatural element is not fully explained or developed. The film also misses some opportunities to be more pointed and brutal in its message and scares. The acting is decent, but not outstanding. Nadine Lustre delivers a convincing performance as Lyra, but the rest of the cast are not given much to work with. Overall, Deleter is an entertaining and intriguing film that tackles a relevant topic, but it could have been more impactful and original.


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