Contracted The Beautiful Triplets And I Gained The 10000x Rebate System

In this thriving world, martial arts reigned supreme, and it was a realm where virtually everyone delved into its depths.The Beautiful Triplets. Here, the measure of a person’s prowess wasn’t determined by their proficiency in mathematics or language skills, but rather by their mastery of martial arts, the quintessential discipline of the era.

Lin Bai, a promising student nearing graduation, found himself on the cusp of an extraordinary revelation. It was a momentous occasion when he awakened the phenomenal 10,000x Rebate System, a unique gift that would forever alter the course of his life. This system held the power to magnify his rewards in a way that defied ordinary logic. With every stride of progress made by those he formed contractual bonds with, Lin Bai would reap the same benefits, but exponentially multiplied.

The implications of this newfound power were nothing short of astonishing. It meant that as his friends and allies improved and honed their martial arts skills, Lin Bai’s own abilities would skyrocket at an astonishing rate. It was as if he had been granted a cosmic shortcut to greatness, a shortcut that would see him surge ahead of his peers.

Eager to put his newfound ability to use, Lin Bai embarked on a mission to seek out individuals whose potential was as remarkable as his own gift. His journey led him to a trio of extraordinary individuals, the beautiful and immensely talented triplets who had taken their school by storm with their exceptional martial arts prowess.

The triplets were known throughout the school not only for their striking beauty but also for their unparalleled martial arts skills. Their fame had spread far and wide, and students from all corners of the world came to witness their awe-inspiring techniques and battle prowess. Their names were synonymous with excellence, and they were revered as the epitome of martial arts mastery.

Lin Bai knew that forming a contract with these prodigious triplets would be the key to unlocking his full potential. Their unparalleled growth would serve as a catalyst for his own meteoric rise in the martial arts world. With determination and unwavering resolve, Lin Bai approached the triplets, humbly requesting to be their contractual partner.

To his surprise and delight, the triplets were not only intrigued by his proposal but also impressed by his sincerity and dedication. They recognized the incredible synergy that could be forged through their partnership. After careful consideration, they agreed to enter into a contract with Lin Bai, binding their destinies together in the pursuit of martial excellence.

With the contractual bonds formed, Lin Bai’s journey towards greatness took a profound leap forward. The triplets’ remarkable progress propelled him into the stratosphere of martial arts mastery, allowing him to achieve feats that were once thought to be unattainable. As they honed their skills and reached new heights, Lin Bai rode the wave of their growth, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the martial arts world.


In this world where martial arts reigned supreme, Lin Bai’s exceptional gift and his partnership with the triplets propelled him to the pinnacle of success. It was a testament to the extraordinary power of the 10,000x Rebate System and the unbreakable bonds forged in the pursuit of martial excellence. Together, they blazed a trail of unrivaled achievement, forever leaving their mark on the world of martial arts.


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