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City of Witches” is a globally acclaimed novel that follows the gripping story of a man taken captive by witches in a hidden city after surviving a plane crash in the Pacific. Packed with enchanting storytelling, unexpected twists, and heart-pounding action, the book is available in Korean and English, with the English version skillfully translated by Wilted Flower. This adult action novel weaves together elements of fantasy, adventure, and suspense, creating a unique and captivating reading experience


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City of Witches Summary

The central storyline of “City of Witches” centers on a man who, after being discharged from the military, is on his way back to MIT. However, his plans take a drastic turn when his plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean. This accident leads him to be abducted and held captive in a concealed city inhabited by witches.

Fast forward five years, and the man has transformed into the solitary male witch in existence. The novel then traces his path as he maneuvers through the perilous witch-centric realm, while also attempting to break free from his captors. The narrative brims with unforeseen twists and intricate developments, holding readers in suspense as they accompany the protagonist on his expedition

About The Author

Gary Nei, the acclaimed author of “City of Witches,” is known for his distinctive writing style that blends fantasy, adventure, and suspense, resulting in novels filled with captivating twists. Alongside his well-loved masterpiece, Nei has penned other works like “Internal Conflicts” and “The American Vintage,” all of which have earned him multiple prestigious awards for his exceptional literary talents

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