Buy Electronic Components, Modules, Project Kits In Nigeria

A couple of years ago, to locate and buy electronic components, modules, and project kits in Nigeria was similar to participating in Gulder Ultimate Search. In fact, in the economic hub of the country, Lagos, the sales of electronic components were as scarce as pure gold, as was the repair of electronic appliances—a job from another world. Getting your hands on most electronic components was not as easy as it is today, yes!! I know what I said, “it’s easy,” and by the time you’re done with this post, it could be for you as well. As we go, I’ll explain why buying components was and continues to be difficult, as well as how to buy anyone you want today from the comfort of your own home or office.

The Difficulty of Buying Electronic Components, Modules And Project Kits in Nigeria

The Difficulty of Buying Electronics Components, Modules And Project Kits In Nigeria

The difficulty experienced in the past, in purchasing components was primarily due to the fact that these components are not manufactured locally, hence require importation. This means incurring additional costs aside from the cost of acquiring what you need. The extra costs include:

  • Foreign local/internal logistics cost
  • Freight costs and commission
  • Custom duties
  • Local logistics costs for delivery.

Another thing to consider is the time it will take from order to delivery, which can typically take 2 to 4 weeks, and in some cases even more. Other downsides to importation include bearing the risk of receiving damaged goods, losing your goods in transit, or even receiving low quality goods. All these are hurdles the delivery would have to overcome before getting to its destination. Most of the time, we only need one (1) or a few components in a very short period of time, so going through these difficulties would not be cost-effective or prudent.

The Solution

Buying Electronics Components, Modules And Project Kits In Nigeria

E-commerce has bridged many gaps in the business world today. Transactions can now go on from anywhere, even here in Nigeria. However, there’s still the risk of not getting exactly what you order. In the Nigerian online market space, there are a number of options available where you can buy components. As promised, I offer you “the solution”: Smartech A. T. Ltd. stores. Here’s a store that stands out from the crowd; their consultation services are second to none, if not the only ones in the country. You don’t just get to see what exactly you’re buying; you get to have it tested or guaranteed. They offer practical and experience-filled advice for your applications—that’s way beyond an “over-the-counter” electronic components store.

buy Electronics Components, Modules And Project Kits In Nigeria
Smartech online shop

They run both an online and an offline store, and offer home/office deliveries as an option. What’s more beautiful about the store is that the consultation they offer along with sales can always be done after sales. So, in case you forget a thing or two to ask, distance doesn’t stop you from gaining that empirical knowledge. This is something you don’t get elsewhere, basically, they’re at the store to make sure your applications go right. What’s more to ask for?! Pay a visit today

How to Buy Electronic Components, Modules and Project Kits In Nigeria

The best way to buy electronic components, modules and project kits in Nigeria is to follow the following steps mentioned below to buy electronic components, modules, and kits.

Buy Electronics Components for Project, School Assignments and Seminar: 4 wheel drive robotic chassis
4-wheel drive robotic chassis

Step 1: Visit Our online Store

Our online store offers relatively the best components, modules and kits for electronic assembly and prototypes. You can visit the online store here. Browse through our online catalogues and select the things you would like to buy and after this you can click on check out and this would take you to the payment link where you can choose to pay via a payment card or direct bank transfer.

If However there are items you are looking for that you can’t find, you can send us a message on our WhatsApp handle or Telegram handles. We will look at them and send them to you.

Step 2: Request for Express Delivery for Components That are Out of Stock

Express delivery of order
express orders

Some times, few components, modules or kits may be out of stock; this shouldn’t deter from still getting your order. you can order express delivery and we will get it right across to you. All it takes is for you to chat us up and we will send it across to you.

Step 3: Send Us your Destination Address for Shipping.

Buy Electronics Components for Project, School Assignments and Seminar

We take pride in delivering out goods to people who are not based in Lagos state where our physical shop is located. When you buy electronics components for project, school assignments and seminar, we deliver it to you at your doorstep no matter where you are in the country.

Step 4: Request for Components/Modules/Kits Testing

Mini Lab

We have an opening where our customers can request we test their components or modules they bought before having it sent to them. We would however, need you explicit permission to carry this out. Smartech have knowledgeable tech guys who have been working with the hardware engineering for years now and the storekeepers can get them to check out your order and verify them to be in good working conditions before shipping it out to you.

Step 5: Request for Consultancy and Remote Assistance on Your Project

Buy Electronics Components for Project, School Assignments and Semina

Buying electronics components for project, school assignments and seminars from Smartech store also gives you the access to consult us at Smartech for the professional insights on how to best use the components, modules or kits that you may have ordered from us. This is service that is not offered or provided by any other components store out there. We stand to assist you with Schematic diagrams, program codes, engineering calculations and datasheet specifications that would guide you through your project design build.


We sell quality and offer the best when it comes to where and how to buy electronic components for project, school assignments and seminars in nigeria. We also offer our consultation on how best to use these components, kits and modules because we have experience working with them for year. you have an added advantage when you shop from us. Whether you are in Lagos or in another distance place, for us, distance is never a barrier, we will ensure your order arrives to you successfully. Send us an inquiry today. or simply visit our store.

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