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Barber is a 2023 Irish thriller film that tells the story of Val Barber, a private investigator who is hired by a wealthy widow named Mrs. O’Reilly to find her missing granddaughter Sara. Sara was last seen leaving a nightclub with a mysterious man, and her phone and purse were found abandoned in a nearby alley. Mrs. O’Reilly suspects foul play and wants Barber to find out what happened to her. Barber is a former police detective who left the force after a scandal involving his partner, who was killed in a shootout with drug dealers. He now works as a PI, taking on cases that no one else wants. He lives alone in a rundown apartment, and has a strained relationship with his daughter Kate, who blames him for her mother’s death.

Barber takes on the case of Sara’s disappearance, hoping to redeem himself and earn some money. He follows the clues and traces Sara’s movements on the night she vanished. He discovers that Sara was involved with a powerful politician named Liam Doyle, who is running for mayor. Doyle has a dark past and a secret agenda, and he will stop at nothing to keep his involvement with Sara hidden. Barber also learns that Sara was not the only girl who disappeared after leaving the nightclub. He finds out that there is a ring of human traffickers operating in the city, and that they have connections to Doyle and his associates. Barber faces danger and deception at every turn, as he tries to expose the truth and save Sara.

Barber is written by Fiona Bergin and Fintan Connolly, who also directed it. It stars Aidan Gillen as Val Barber, Ruth Bradley as Kate Barber, Fiona Shaw as Mrs. O’Reilly, Barry Ward as Liam Doyle, and Niamh Algar as Sara O’Reilly. The film is set in Dublin, Ireland, and has a noir style that reflects the dark and gritty atmosphere of the city. The film premiered at the 2023 Dublin International Film Festival, where it received critical acclaim. It has been praised for its gripping plot, its realistic characters, its stylish cinematography, and its social commentary on the issues of corruption, crime, and human rights in Ireland. The film has also been lauded for Gillen’s performance as Barber, who portrays him as a flawed but sympathetic hero who struggles with his own demons while trying to do the right thing.

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