A Day of Fallen Night

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a day of fallen night

A Day of Fallen Night is a novel by Samantha Shannon, the author of The Priory of the Orange Tree. It is a prequel to The Priory of the Orange Tree, set 500 years before the events of the main story. It follows four women from different regions and backgrounds, who are caught up in a political and religious conflict that threatens to unleash a dragon war.

The novel explores the themes of religion, history, identity, and power, as well as the relationships between the characters. It is a complex and richly detailed fantasy world, with diverse cultures, languages, and magic systems. The novel also features dragons of different types and colors, some of whom can bond with humans.

The novel has received positive reviews from readers and critics, who praised the author’s writing style, world-building, and character development. Some of the reviewers also noted that the novel can be read as a standalone, without having read The Priory of the Orange Tree first. However, some readers also found the novel to be slow-paced, confusing, or too long.


Overall, A Day of Fallen Night is a novel that offers an immersive and captivating experience for fans of epic fantasy and dragon stories. It is a novel that challenges the reader to think about the role of religion and history in shaping the world and its people. It is also a novel that celebrates the strength and courage of women, who face various obstacles and choices in their lives.


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